15th International Workshop

on Real and Complex Singularities

22 - 28 July 2018


Dear participants, here you find a list with the main hotels around the USP campus. Be aware that each participant is responsible by your own hotel booking. If you find any trouble, or need any special help, on that please do not hesitate to contact the members of the organizing committee.

(Rates subject to change)

Othon Rates
www.othon.com.br single R$158 + 5% ISS
reservas.saocarlos@othon.com.br  double R$188 + 5% ISS
Contact staff member: Diego Mastrantonio
R. Conselheiro João Alfredo, 77 - Jardim Paraiso, São Carlos, 13561-110
Phone (+55 16) 34163345
Indaia Residence Rates
www.indaiaresidence.com.br single R$132
hotel@indaiaresidence.com.br double R$160
Contact staff member: Elli Rotta triple R$192
Rua Jacinto Favoretto, 782 - Centro, São Carlos, 13560-462
Phone (+55 16) 33737575
Indaia Hotel Rates
www.indaiaresidence.com.br single R$124
hotel@indaiaresidence.com.br double R$148
Contact staff member: Welington Oliveira triple R$176
Rua Jacinto Favoretto, 351 - Centro, São Carlos, 13560-500
Phone (+55 16) 33719122
Central Park Hotel Residence Rates
www.centralparkhotel.com.br single R$95
mazoaparthotel@terra.com.br double R$120
Contact staff member: Anderson Ferreira triple R$160
Avenida Francisco Pereira Lopes, 2600 - Arnold Schimidt, São Carlos, 13564-740
Phone (+55 16) 33615211
Parisi Hotel Rates
www.parisihotel.com.br single R$110
saocarlos@parisihotel.com.br double R$140
Contact staff member: Katia/Heber triple R$160
Av. São Carlos, 3163 - Centro, São Carlos, 13560-002
Phone (+55 16) 33734444
Hotel Anacã Rates
http://www.hotelanaca.com.br single R$161 + 2% ISS
reservas@hotelanaca.com.br double R$181 + 2% ISS
Contact staff member: Juliana
Av. São Carlos, 2690 - Centro, São Carlos, 13560-001
Phone (+55 16) 33734000/34164854

Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas e de Computação

Universidade de São Paulo, Campus São Carlos

PO. Box: 668 | 13560-970 São Carlos - SP, Brazil